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Mac Djs Entertainment takes your favorite songs and blends them together, or transition from one song to another seamlessly so there is never a break in the music. Mac Djs use professional DJ programs, special lighting and transition effects to bring the world of music to your next function, so the party never stops.

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A DJ mixset is usually performed live in front of an audience in a nightclub, party, or rave setting. Mixsets can also be performed live on radio or recorded in a studio.

Methods of mixing vary slightly depending on the music genres being played. House and trance DJs tend to aim for smooth blended mixes while hip-hop djs may use turntablism, scratching and other cutting techniques.
Some DJs, particularly those mixing Goa trance may prefer to mix during a break in which instead of beats, washes of synthesized sounds are combined.
Further refinement to the mixing quality can be provided with harmonic mixing which avoids dissonant tones during a mix.
In live situations, the progression of the DJ set is a dynamic process. The DJ chooses tracks partly in response to the activity on the dance floor. If the dance floor becomes less active, the DJ will make a judgement as to what track will increase dance floor activity. This may involve shifting the tempo or changing the general mood of the set. Track choices are also due, in part, to where the DJ wishes to take his or her audience. In this way, the resulting mixset is brought about through a symbiotic relationship between audience and DJ.

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